Brainstorm Media creates provocative, meaningful messages that deliver immediate value to brands, products and services. Our advertising, collateral, public relations and online solutions exert a direct and measurable impact on our clients' image, sales and profitability.

About Brainstorm Media
Brainstorm Media founder and chief creative officer JC Costa formerly served as Director of Corporate Marketing for United Entertainment Media, a division of CMP, with overall responsibilities for marketing company publications, Web sites and events.

Prior to that, JC was Vice President of Marketing for Samson Technologies during its peak growth years, building Samson’s in house marketing and PR department while successfully developing brands such as Samson Wireless, Samson Audio, Hartke, Soundtracs, Behringer and Zoom.

As Creative Director for SR/A in New York City, Costa developed advertising for leading brands such as Korg, Marshall, Yamaha, beyerdynamic, Lexicon, Zildjian, Celestion, Nagra-Kudelski, Klark-Teknik, Grass Valley, Dubner, Manny’s and Videoworks, among others.

Brainstorm Media's current client roster includes Martin Audio, Fishman, CAD Audio, 3G Productions and SenovvA.

Commenting on Brainstorm Media's mission, Costa stated, "By focusing on our strengths–– creative support, brand-building, and high velocity, high impact public relations––Brainstorm delivers surgical strike solutions that make a real difference for our clients.”